Thieu lychee

Thieu lychee

  • Thieu lychee

    Thieu lychee

    Giới thiệu Nông sản

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    Description: Thanh Ha Thieu litchi – PGI product

    Quality of Thanh Ha Thieu litchi is decided by the typical soil and the traditional farming technique of the local people. Thieu litchi is described as crisp, sweet-smelling with small seeds, thin peel and dry pulp.

    Recently, with the support of CASRAD and oversea organizations such as GTZ (Germany), GRET (France), Thanh Ha people have formed an association for production and consumption. The quality of the fruit becomes better and better due to the collective actions of the association including:

    - Heighten the farmers’ production competence.
    -  Be consistent on the same technical protocol to evenly rise up the quality.
    - Classify qualified products right in field.
    - Monitor production and trading activities for quality management.
    - Apply new technology with aim of improving quality and diversifying processed litchi.
    - Establish distribution channels.
    Association’s add: Thuy Lam – Thanh Son – Thanh Ha – Hai Duong
    Tel: (84) – (0320) 3815509/(84) – (0320) 3814143
    Price: negotiable
    Add: An Khanh – Hoai Duc – Ha Noi
    Tel: 84-43-3650793

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