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  • Value Chain Building and Development

    Value chain includes all stages from production to consumption but it emphasizes on the creation of products and services according to consumers’ demand rather than producing what can be

    Building a geographical indication for agricultural products

    1. Role of Geographical Indications:

    Geographical Indications (CDDL) is a term indicating the relationship between the value of specific products / services identified geographical sites associated with specific natural conditions of the area, or with the technical skills of special products and services with others outside the geographic area is not available. World experience shows the important role of the CDDL:

    Management and development of geographical indications

    1. The role of management and development of Geographical Indications:

    In the context of Vietnam, the CDDL is a field so new, if limited in the protection of not implementing the next steps to support the organization and operation management, the CDDL is not promoting the effective protection results.

    construction of a collective mark for agricultural products

    Construction of a collective mark for agricultural products

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