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About us


Research Center for Development and Agricultural System, established under decision No. 687 QD / Dept-DOP on 14.07.2008 of the Director of Agricultural Science Institute of Vietnam on the basis of the Department of Agriculture System was established in 1989 the Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology of Vietnam.

License registration of Science and Technology: 225/DK-KH & T

- Head office: Km 9, Thang Long Highway, An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi.

- Tel: (04) 33650793; Fax: (04) 33650862

- Email: hethongnn@gmail.com, Website: www.casrad.org.vn

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Director: Dao The Anh

Qualifications: Ph.D.

Title of research: the researcher

Email: daotheanh@gmail.com

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Deputy Director: Trinh Van Tuan

Qualifications: Masters degree

Title of research: the researcher

Email: tvntuan@gmail.com

Curriculum Vitae

Functions and duties


Center for Development Research and Farming Systems is the scientific and public career under the Agricultural Science Institute of Vietnam, functioning interdisciplinary research to develop agricultural production systems, the industry / value chain of agricultural sustainability in the ecological area. Consultation, cooperation and participate in training to organizations and individuals in the field of agriculture, the food industry agricultural products and rural development.

State Center is funded activities, the use of the seal and open a separate account at the Treasury and the Bank in accordance with the law.


1. Research organization and management models and processes of change activities of organizations and individuals in agriculture, in industry / value chain of agricultural products, activities and other non-agricultural ecological areas, rural areas in order to propose remedies.

2. Study the agricultural economy, the institutional conditions for the application of science and technology and sustainable development of industry / value chain of agricultural products for targeted research and development of the Institute of Agricultural Sciences in Vietnam .

3. Develop and disseminate these concepts, management tools and methodologies to study and evaluate the reform process in agriculture, industry / value chain and rural, public policies and regulations its activities towards sustainable development.

4. Consulting agricultural development and rural development and delivery of progress on institutional, organizational and management for organizations and individuals in agriculture and rural areas.

5. Participate in university training, postgraduate and vocational training.

6. As the first link of the research units of agricultural systems and socio-economic at the Institute of Agricultural Science Institute of Vietnam.

7. Implementation of international cooperation, cooperation with organizations and individuals in the field of research and development of agricultural systems, rural socio-economic, technology transfer, cooperation and development experts human resources in agriculture, rural development under the current regulations.

8. Consultancy services in agriculture and rural areas.

9. Perform other duties assigned by Director of Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Vietnam Affairs agencies and other organizations to order.

10. Management, efficient use of human resources, funding, asset allocation prescribed by law.
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