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Workshop on "Rural tourism development in view of regional sustainable development" and the annual meeting of the network “Accueil Paysan Vietnam”

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On 11 and 12 April 12, Vietnam Rural Development Science Association (PHANO) in collaboration with the Vietnam Institute of Economics (VIE) held a seminar with the theme "Rural tourism development in view of regional sustainable development" and the annual meeting of Accueil Paysan Viet Nam network in Lac village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh.

The workshop was attended by Dr. Dao The Anh - Vice President of PHANO, Mr. Nguyen Trung Tuan – General Secretary of Phano, Dr. Bui Quang Tuan – Director of Institute of Regional Sustainable Development, Dr. Vu Tuan Anh - Former Director, senior advisor of VIE, Dr. Dao Hoang Mai and the staff of VIE, the members of PHANO and the special participation of homestay households of Accueil Paysan Vietnam network came from northern mountainous provinces such us Lao Cai, Yen Bai, Bac Kan...

Rural Tourism has formed and developed during the past 15 years, initially developed and brought significant benefits to households involved. However, currently, there are no specific policies to support the sector, farmers still do tourism spontaneously, benefits between agents have not been adequately divide. The impact on the environment, culture ... still not adequately considered.

In this context, this workshop desire through typical rural tourism model, especially homestay tourism across the country provides an overview, experiences in rural tourism in the world. Since then proposing propositions for rural tourism development in view of sustainable development of ecological zones associated with the culture, society and environment.

The workshop listened presentations of Dr. Dao Hoang Mai and the members of the project on the typical case of homestay tourism accross the country, as well as the results of model studies of Accueil Paysan in the Republic of France, also draw out the differences between models and the lessons for the development of rural tourism in Vietnam.

Speaking at the seminar, Dr. Dao The Anh said that needs to change the look of rural tourism, consider rural tourism as an important direction in the national target program on building new rural areas, attract capital of rural development for infrastructure, landscape and environment for tourism. Today, farmers need to do tourism autonomously, to promote the advantages of local landscapes and traditional culture, should not only rely on the travel companies. If combined with this company, there should be have a profit sharing mechanism to ensure appropriate benefits for the farmers.

Besides, need to pay attention to food in rural tourism because it is a important factor to attract tourists. On that basis, rural tourism activities needs associated with agricultural activities. Should restructuring the livestock and farming, encouraging people to self- produce, especially conserving and developing native products, specialties to supply local food, reducing costs.

Not only opinions from experts, the workshop also listened to the speech of tourism farmers. The idea was to bring a realistic perspective and vivid from the main pioneers in this new field. Thereby learning the valuable lesson, summarizing the difficulties, their advantages and proposing appropriate solutions.

In the framework of the conference, PHANO, as a coordinator of Accueil Paysan Vietnam network, has organized the annual meeting with representatives from Pac Ngoi, Vu Linh and Ta Van. Discussion went to agree certain activities of the network in the near future including: training tourism skills on the basic of studying criteria of Accueil Paysan, the appropriateness of content and the training requirement of tourism households; establishing local tourism associations and promoting to publish the Acceuil Paysan’s image in the country and in the world with a desire to develop and to expand its network in Vietnam, to contribute to tourism development in particular and rural development in general in a sustainable manner.

Minh Trang (CASRAD)

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