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On 2-3 April, 2014, the Center for Agrarian Systems Research and Development (CASRAD), in cooperation with the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), organized a stakeholders’ workshop on Value Chain Assessment in Northwest Vietnam.



Overall 40 participants attended the workshop and actively got involved in two days’ training. CASRAD team included Mr. Trinh Van Tuan (Vice Director), Mr. Hoang Thanh Tung (Head of Agricultural Economics and Value Chain Department) and four other researchers.

Public officials included Ms. Cam Thi Phong (Deputy Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Son La province), representatives from provincial extension centers, Moc Chau and Mai Son agricultural offices and extension stations.

Particularly, the workshop attracted maize, tea, plum and pig producers,collectors, wholesalers and retailers andslaughtering establishments in Son La province. In open remarks, Dr. Jean-Joseph Cadilhon briefly introduced results of the situational analysis study which was conducted under the Humidtropics CGIAR Research Program (CRP) in Northwest Vietnam. The study identified some key research questions which need further research in Northwest Upland, Vietnam. After this presentation, Dr. Aziz A. Karimov presentedvalue chain mapping which is part of the LINK methodology developed by CIAT researchers. After this presentation, participants were divided into five groups: four value chain groups discussed and mapped four value chains; one group which consisted of extension workers and government officers discussed and identified external factors such as institutions, policies, and the socio-economic and cultural environment influencing value chain development.

On the second day, so as to share experiences in value chain research, market linkage and business model establishment, Mr. Trinh Van Tuan presented research experiences in H’Mong beef value chain development and Mr. Vu Van Doan introduced business models in counter-seasonal vegetable in Moc Chau. After these two interesting presentations Dr. Karimovintroduced the business model canvas which is also part of LINK methodology. This presentation introduced basic components of business models from identification of strategic partners, resource mobilization, identification of value creation elements and potential customers to calculate cost and revenue structure of a business model.

After the presentation, participants were grouped into four value chains and built their business model canvas for one business actor identified as interesting from the maps of each value chain. In closing remarks, Dr. Cadilhon thanked participants for their active participation and emphasized importance of this study in Northwest Vietnam.

It is interesting to note that, to our knowledge, this was the first time the LINK methodology was implemented in ASIA. The CASRAD team is very interested in further collaborating with ILRI in the future.


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