Dialogue Workshop in Regional level on Family agriculture: Sustainable Rural Development and Food Security in Bangkok

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In two days, at the Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand, Asia - Pacific FAO and World Rural Forum jointly organized the Workshop “Consultation of policies for the Asia – Pacific region about family agriculture on the occasion of opening the International Year of Family Agriculture in 2014”.Dr. Dao The Anh -  Food Crops Research Institute’s Deputy General Director, Centre for Agrarian systems Research and Development’s Director attended to this workshop.

Also at this time, on 22.11.2013, at UN headquarters in New York, the official announcement of opening the International Year in 2014 has launched worldwide. 20 representatives of national and international organizations such as IFAD, dozens of civil society organizations and farmers organizations attended to this workshop.

Dr. Dao The Anh (2nd form left) in the Workshop

Dr. Dao The Anh presented the policies and achievements of family agricultural development in Vietnam which has put Vietnam from a food deficit country to a leading agricultural exporter of the world. He mentioned also the challenges that family agricultural in Vietnam is facing as small scale, climate changes, poor quality control, lack of cooperation experience… Leader of IFAD supposed that experience of Vietnam is well appreciated by many countries and proposed Vietnam to be depth case study of support policy of state for international lesson.

The participants agreed that the family agriculture is a popular method of sustainable agriculture in the world. It can be modernized with the ability to supply products for export to the world . However, the family agricultural needs special important support  of professional famer organizations and good policies and public services. In 2014, there will be many advocacy programs conducted in international level and in Vietnam in order to support the family agricultural development.

Dao The Anh - CASRAD

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