Consultation report on sustainability research on PGS system in Vietnam

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On July 5, the half-day consultation workshop on PGS Sustainability Research was conducted in Hanoi by Center for Agrarian System Research and Development (CASRAD) and VECO Vietnam under the framework of VECO’s Advocacy Program.


The workshop was participated by 40 representatives from MARD, public agencies, civil society and international organization, namely: Crop Department of MARD, Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD), Vietnam Consumer Association (VINASTAS),Vietnam Fruit Association, Plan Protection Departments in Lang Son, Phu Tho, ADDA, JICA, safe and organic vegetable production farmer groups in provinces, private companies in Hanoi and others.

The workshop includes two parts, the first part is meant to present the existing certification systems applied for safe/organic vegetable production in Vietnam, and the second part is presenting outcomes of the research on sustainability of the PGS by CASRAD, which are the main inputs for Q&A. The comment/feedback and information sharing by the participants would be considered to integrate to the final report.
Dr. Dao The Anh, Director of CASRAD emphasized at the workshop that: “PGS is the system, which is appropriate to small farmers in Vietnam. Advancing PGS is good movement, however considering the limited production size and areas, low engagement by the farmers and the increasing demand of safe vegetables in Vietnam, there is a need to promote PGS becoming a voluntary quality management system and to boost the market-driven production of safe and organic products, which will help bring long-term benefit to the community”


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