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Building a geographical indication for agricultural products

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1. Role of Geographical Indications:

Geographical Indications (CDDL) is a term indicating the relationship between the value of specific products / services identified geographical sites associated with specific natural conditions of the area, or with the technical skills of special products and services with others outside the geographic area is not available. World experience shows the important role of the CDDL:

- Is the solution against unfair competition in the market (fake, fake, helps to distinguish a product according to quality criteria specifically related to the community that geographical origin and methods production, own use.

- Helping organize the production of an area by defining basic criteria to increase the value of products, facilitate marketing and access to any market.

- As a tool of agricultural development and rural development through the exploitation of products and services of rural special

- To contribute to the diversification of production, conservation of biodiversity, conservation of indigenous knowledge based on natural resources (Agridea, 2009)

- Develop the heritage values ​​of humanity with UNESCO.

2. Contents of the major:

- Identification of products (including descriptive characteristics, reputation, tradition, national origin, cultural products);

- Appellations of Origin;

- Limited geographical production area and to identify limited geographical area;

- Method of manufacturing or engineering processes to produce products;

- These factors demonstrate the relationship with the geographic product;

- Parameters, references, guidelines for product testing.

3. The main methods are used:

- Method of experts.

- Investigating participatory (PRA)

- Industry research:

- Evaluation of qualitative and quantitative

- Agricultural chemical analysis and soil

- Statistical analysis

- Agricultural Geography

4. Implementation capacity:

Casrad is one of the leading authorities and most experienced in the CDDL construction in Vietnam. To date (2011), Casrad has consulted successfully for six products, with 28.57% of the CDDL shall be protected in Vietnam (Vai Thieu Thanh Ha, Ngu Dai Hoang banana, Phuc Trach pomelo, Red Seedless North Kan, Tam xoan Know Hau Loc shrimp), and continues to build for other agricultural products CDDL (Mint Honey - Van Ha Giang and Grapefruit Reviews - Thanh Hoa ...).
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