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Management and development of geographical indications

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1. The role of management and development of Geographical Indications:

In the context of Vietnam, the CDDL is a field so new, if limited in the protection of not implementing the next steps to support the organization and operation management, the CDDL is not promoting the effective protection results.

Management and development CDDL help sustainable development of the protected product; enhance market access and enhancing productive capacity, trade and intellectual property.

2. Contents of the major:

- Empower use geographical indications to the community of producers and distributors.

- Develop and strengthen management systems inside and outside of geographical indications and the operational plan of that system.

- Developing our system documents to become a legal framework and tools for the implementation of the management.

- Improved technical and organizational quality production to meet consumer demand.

- Develop plans to exploit the commercial development of products or geographical indications.

- To implement management activities and development of geographical indications.

3. The main methods are used:

- Method of experts

- The method implemented with the participation to develop the production, management and exploitation of products bearing geographical indications.

- Conferences, workshops, expert to replicate the model, building management documents CDDL and tools to promote products.

- Method of sociology to develop farmer organizations, organization and management systems inside and outside.

- Methods of participatory training, based on the needs, training, field visits, visits to model external to the exchange capacity.

- Methods of impact value chain (industry) to develop markets for products.

4. Implementation capacity:

Casrad fully professional team, experience and ability to advise and direct the implementation of project management and development of the protected product (currently conducting research to develop CDDL 4 products has been protected: Eight xoan fabrics anthem Thanh Ha, Hong Bac Kan, Dai Hoang banana come ...) In the future, Casrad will participate more in research to develop sustainable agricultural CDDL protected.
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